We Clean to Build Dreams!
We Clean to Build Dreams!
We Clean To Build Dreams!!!
We Clean To Build Dreams!!!

About Us

                         "We Clean to Build Dreams"

Clean States Alliance is a minority disadvantage-veteran owned company who specilizes in distributing safety and cleaning supplies; Post-Construction, Commercial and Residential cleaning services. We are also H.U.B. and M.B.E. certified.  


Our services are customized to meet customer’s specifications. CSA's unique cleaning techniques produce customer satisfaction, combine modern and distinctive cleaning techniques with professional project management, as well as using eco-friendly chemicals to clean and disinfect high traffic areas.


Clean States Alliance's mission is to build dreams through cleaning. In other words, we provide second-to-none services. Our customer's dreams, our dreams and parentless children's dreams are fulfilled.

We bring to the table:

  • A clear understanding of cleaning systems
  • A creative and experienced team
  • Flexible project parameters
  • A broad range of products and services
  • Certified quality management

Want to learn more about our philosophy?


Please contact us at (336) 497-1106 or send an email located on the contact page.


Let us know how we can be of service, we look forward to talking with you about your cleaning projects & supplies!



Clean States Alliance

P.O. Box 14653 Greensboro NC, 27415


(336) 916.9618


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